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Label-Etch a Glass Bottle 


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Label-Etch a Glass Bottle 

Written By: Sean Michael Ragan 

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• Gloves (1) Glass bottled) 

• Hobby knife (1) • Etching cream (1) 

• Paintbrush (1) Paper towels (1) 

• Permanent marker (1) Rubbing Alcohol (1) 

• Safety goggles (1) 

• Tweezers (1) 


Here's a simple trick I discovered for etching designs on glass bottles using the bottle's label 
as a built-in resist. 

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Label-Etch a Glass Bottle 

Step 1 — Select and prepare bottle 

• I've been holding onto this bottle of 2006 Coppola Encyclopedia Tempranillo for a couple of 
years. The wine itself was really only suitable for cooking, but I love the bottle because it 
has a representation of the resveratrol molecule molded into the side. 

• This process probably requires a bottle with an adhesive plastic label. A sure sign that the 
label is suitable is is that parts of it are transparent. 

• If you're going to cut your bottle , do so before attempting to etch a design on it, as the 
cutting process is considerably more failure-prone than etching. 

Step 2 — Draw design on label 

• Use a permanent marker or whatever you can find that will stick to the label. 

• Try to choose a design that complements your bottle. I chose a ball-and-stick 
model of the ethanol molecule to complement the resveratrol molecule molded into 
this bottle. 

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Label-Etch a Glass Bottle 

Step 3 — Cut out positive areas of design 

• Using your hobby knife or razor, carefully cut around the edges of your design. 

• Lift the edges of the cut-out areas using the blade of your knife or razor. 

• Finish peeling off each positive cut using a pair of tweezers. 

Step 4 — Clean up stencil 

• Wipe down the cut stencil with a paper towel generously soaked with rubbing alcohol. This 
will remove any residual ink and, most importantly, clean any remaining adhesive from the 
cut-out areas. 

• To make sure the remaining stencil is firmly adhered to the bottle everywhere, wrap a 
scrap of paper around the bottle, over the label, and rub it briskly with the side of your 

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Label-Etch a Glass Bottle 

Step 5 — Apply etching cream 

• Generously daub etching cream over the exposed positive areas of your design using a 

• Leave the etching cream in place 5 minutes, or whatever the label says, and then wash 
away all traces of the cream with plenty of warm water in the sink. 

• Glass etchants are toxic and should be handled with care. Wear gloves and 
goggles and follow the label directions closely. 


Step 6 — Remove remaining label and clean 

• Using your hobby knife, or just your fingernail, lift one corner of the label and peel it off. 

• Give the etched design one final cleaning with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel to remove 
any leftover adhesive. 

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Label-Etch a Glass Bottle 

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